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Pool and spa pumps – whether commercial or residential – keep water flowing through filtration systems and safe for bathers. As pool and spa filtration systems depend on the pump’s operation, debris clogging intakes, such as leaves, hair, frogs and other small creatures can cause pump overheating and damage to not only the pump but also pipes and other system components. As some pool and spa pumps are located in hard-to-reach areas, repairs are often costly and time consuming – time owners would rather spend swimming. The Pump Protector detects the rise in water temperature at the drain port of the pool or spa pump before costly damage can occur. Once an overheat is detected, the Pump Protector interrupts the power to the pump motor, stopping the pump and preventing destruction of the pump and accessories. The Pump Protector has been reviewed against the UL (Underwriter’s Laboratories) pool safety standards; the Pump Protector is a safe addition to your pool or spa. The Pump Protector is an effective means of preventing damage to your pool or spa’s vital pump. Pools and spas without control panels can benefit from the protection offered by the 25-Amp Pump Protector wired directly to any size pump’s motor. For commercial pools and spas and home systems using advanced control panels, our 1-Amp Pump Protector will integrate with any size pump, preventing costly overheat events. Most pool and spa pump MOTORS have overheat protection – but this does nothing to prevent damage to the pump (impeller, housing, and pipes). The Pump Protector safeguards your complete pump against heat damage. All Pump Protectors are assembled in America using UL-listed electrical components and are designed to prevent costly and damaging overheat events in pool, irrigation, spa, and many other pump applications. Pump Protectors save pumps, energy, and money!

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